Sport England Community Use Agreements

  • October 8, 2021
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We play a crucial role in promoting greater opportunities for active sport and recreation for local communities This theme includes the provision of sports facilities, resources and school equipment. You will find related documents for the organization and realization of school sport in the field of school sport and sports performance. This AUC, developed in collaboration with Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, is based on an in-depth knowledge of the latest practices in the creation, implementation and management of AUCs. It is to serve as a basis for the development of agreements for a number of educational institutions. It may be appropriate to modify this standard template where necessary to refer to appropriate local partners to reflect local priorities, objectives and circumstances. When the model is used, the AUC must be developed in consultation with the parties before being completed Many educational institutions, including schools of all kinds, academies and sports schools, have very good sports facilities, often unused outside normal school periods. When an educational institution decides that its sports facilities are available to the Community, it is useful to formalize this agreement with a Community Use Agreement (AUC). This describes how the agreement works and should normally cover issues such as availability periods, management agreements and pricing policy. Such cases may include where securing and/or improving the Community is proposed as one of the appropriate alternative and/or reduction measures, where existing playgrounds or other sports facilities could be affected. This mitigation may be necessary so that we cannot formally oppose or withdraw our objection to a proposed development. To contribute to this, we have developed a model for a AUC that provides a clear basis for establishing agreements for individual schools, universities and academies. There will be other cases where we may not need AUC, but we will propose to develop one to ensure security and clarity on community access intentions.

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