Ohleg User Agreement

  • September 29, 2021
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{¶ 6} Roach-Haver added that whenever a user logs in to OHLEG, the user must agree to access OHLEG “for the official purposes of my agency and criminal justice management.” A user must also agree with the following two statements: (1) “I acknowledge and agree that I will only use this information for the management of criminal justice for the official purposes of my agency”; and (2) “I acknowledge that any unauthorized access to or abuse of law enforcement information and data on this website is prohibited by Revised Code Section 2913.04 and constitutes a fifth-degree crime.” Roach-Haver explained that the system does not allow a user to continue unless the user agrees with the above. Since the search is done in this way, users cannot simply browse the entire photo database. You also can`t – if officials are allowed to access the facial recognition database, they must agree to use it only in certain cases. As the 2014 YouTube video explains, a user of the database starts uploading an image into the program. The program then only displays the photos in the database (if any) that match the person displayed in the uploaded photo. The Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway, the public network that contains the facial recognition program, had 32,008 active users last October, according to a report by the Ohio attorney general. But only a fraction of these users can log in to the facial recognition part of OHLEG. {¶ 12} Hansford said an officer must be certified to use LEADS. He stated that the complainant passed the certification exam in October 2014.

Hansford explained that the certification test requires the user to know “what their permitted use is.” Hansford indicated that the leads manual states that “the DSD may be used for the management of criminal justice by the approved criminal justice services” and defines “the management of criminal justice” as “the performance of any of the following activities: detection, arrest, detention, prior release, release after trial, criminal prosecution, trial, prison control, rehabilitation of accused persons or offenders”. To register for OHLEG, you must have had access beforehand.. . .