Mfi License Agreement

  • September 27, 2021
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Accessories that do not use any of the MFi licensed technologies mentioned above are not part of the MFi program. For example, the MFi certification process today is practically the same. Manufacturers perform their iPad and iPhone accessories (lightning cables, gamepads, Bluetooth controllers, etc.) through compliance and security testing, give Apple a few royalties and receive a “Made for iPhone” badge on their product packaging. In the end, people receive reliable products, manufacturers can wave with MFi licenses, and Apple receives a little extra money. Every Lightning connection to a cable or other IFM-certified device has a tiny authentication chip, so your device knows it`s an IFM-certified accessory. The Made for iPod program was presented at The Macworld Expo on the 11st Although some products released just before the announcement were labeled “Ready for iPod”. [1] At the time, it was reported that Apple would require a 10% discount for all products with the logo, and the press described this as a “tax.” [2] [3] iPods use an advanced headphone jack that allows for additional control inputs such as silence and volume adjustments, and licenses were available for products connected to the dock jack or port. [1] How do I check if a lightning accessory, headset, charger or iAP is a licensed accessory? With the introduction of the Lightning connector, branding was changed and officially used to become MFi, a term that has been used unofficially for some time. Lightning also introduced additional protocols that could only be officially supported by the MFi program. In addition to the technical requirements, Apple also took the opportunity to update the license agreement to require all parties to the third party to approve Apple`s supplier`s code of liability. [7] Well, for now, there are no MFi certified USB cables (except usb-C-to-Lightning cables). In addition, Apple`s website does not mention any certified or licensed USB-C cables.

Call the MFi program registration help page to verify the steps required to participate in the MFi program. RELATED: Attention: How to Buy a USB Type-C Cable That Doesn`t Damage Your Devices What are the different rolls present in the MFi program? Note: Companies are not required to register to manufacture a device under the MFi program. However, products that are not MFi certified cannot claim to be Apple certified and do not have access to the technical specifications necessary to build a fully compatible device. The amount of content available on the Apple developer`s site can make it difficult to use..