Are Shareholders Agreement Costs Tax Deductible

  • September 11, 2021
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The Finanzgericht agreed with the taxable person that those reorganization costs were properly deductible from the entity as legitimate business expenses. But what are the person`s deductible expenses? Let`s look at some legal and accounting overheads that are deductible for the average taxpayer: the circumstances in which attorneys` fees are typically deductible include: Planning of this type typically involves significant accounting, legal, and valuation expenses. Are these expenses deductible from the company or are they for shareholders who, when paid by the company, constitute a taxable shareholding benefit? This question arose directly before the Finanzgericht in Truck Base Corporation v. The Queen in 2006. Result. For the IRS. Lawyer`s fees for the defense of a company are deductible. This is usually not paying for someone else`s expenses. However, if a payment were to be used to encourage a business of the taxpayer, the expenses are deductible. There is a two-part test that allows ASAs to determine if these payments are deductible. First, the payment must have been made in the first place in favour of the payment transaction.

Secondly, the expenses must be ordinary and necessary. A taxable person may acquire premises (in whole or in part) leased to a tenant of the former owner. All costs incurred by the evacuation of the tenant are not deductible. This expense is part of the acquisition costs of the property and a capital expenditure for income tax purposes. Expenses could likely be part of the “cost base” of the asset, as they are capital expenditures related to the determination of the taxable person`s ownership of the asset or a right to the asset. Talk to us if this is relevant to your situation. When valuation fees are paid to decide whether a business should be purchased, this is usually a cost of capital and not an allowable deduction. However, if the assessment is used to support an application for a loan of money for use in the business, these expenses can be immediately reported as credit charges if they are less than $100 or longer than the term of the loan, or five years from the date of the loan, whichever is shorter. In this case, there were two active shareholders who both froze the estate at the same time. As part of this process, they also incurred considerable costs in updating and redesigning their shareholders` agreement. The Finanzgericht also found that the shareholders` agreement was of great importance for the protection of the company in its relations with the shareholders and found that the costs associated with the recasting of the shareholders` agreement were not personal expenses of the shareholders. Interestingly, since the shareholders` agreement was rewritten and reformulated, the financial court also allowed the company to deduct the total cost of attorneys` fees as current expenses versus capital expenses, and compared the redesign of the shareholders` agreement to the maintenance and repair of a business asset.

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