Air Force Educational Partnership Agreement

  • September 10, 2021
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Purdue University and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory have joined forces to sign an Education Partnership Agreement (CEPOL). The overall mission of the five-year AFRL-Purdue EPA is to promote and enhance studies and research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (MINT) and to develop employment opportunities for Purdue MINT students. The partnership will also create a forum for the School of Law and the AFRL to promote formal agreements for the pursuit of competitive research projects and grants. According to a press release, the agreement will enable selected students and teachers from the OSU College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology “to carry out projects related to radar and sensor and communication systems, materials, structures, computing, flight dynamics, propulsion and flight energy, to `electronics, avionics, aircraft production, cybersecurity, electronics, manufacturing and the environment with the air logistics complex`. Alina Alexeenko, Assistant Dean of Basic Education at Purdue College of Engineering, said, “The AFRL-VIP collaboration is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn by partnering with authentic design challenges that are relevant to the critical mission of the Air Force and the Department of Defense. Our students can benefit greatly from the interaction with the enthusiastic group of AFRL mentors. The agreement also fits well with Engineering`s GRIT+ initiative, which aims to expand cooperation and other effective educational options outside the classroom. Air Force Research Laboratory Aerospace Systems Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base leads the discovery, development and delivery of combat technologies for the air, space and cyberspace forces. Management is pushing boundaries and creating a new future through unprecedented research. DAYTON, Ohio – The University of Dayton School of Law and the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Air Research Laboratory have entered into a three-year educational partnership agreement for the School of Law to provide AFRL engineers and scientists with patent legal training. The EPO`s opening programme aims to expand learning and career development opportunities for students and promote the engagement of under-represented groups in science and science. Purdue and AFRL are very encouraged by this important partnership and will increase their reach in the years to come. “We look forward to this new partnership with Purdue and the opportunity to directly interact and excite minority women and students for the challenges we are solving within the Directorate Aerospace, Air Force Research Lab,” said Michael Gregg, Director of the AFRL/RQ. “This partnership will guide the direction of the engineering program and enhance OSU`s engineering education to better meet the scientific and technical needs of the Oklahoma and Oklahoma Air Complex,” the press release said.