Lmu Transfer Course Agreement

  • September 26, 2021
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If you have spent a year abroad, you will again have time to request a transfer to LMU until the end of your first semester. The following schools/higher education institutions have entered into agreements with the LMU on the transferability of their courses. As a general rule, courses can be entrusted to the LMU in three ways: the LMU can issue up to 6 semester hours (up to 8 for laboratory science courses) for higher passports for which a student reaches a 5 or more. Not all higher-level exams bring advanced loans. The following IB diagram shows the IB tests approved for transmission. Transfers (either from another department of the LMU or from another university) must be requested before the end of the first semester following the acquisition of credits. The Previous Equivalencies database allows you to see how courses have been transferred in the past by schools without an LMU transfer contract. Since they are not part of a transfer contract, they do not necessarily have to be transferred as indicated. Important: The transfer process is completed through the ISC, regardless of the types of credits you wish to transfer! You do not have to go directly to the chairs or faculties! A trajectory that does not appear on an agreement does not pass to the LMU. Engineering students with IB HL values of 6-7 should meet with the President of Physics to determine if they are getting credit for PHYS 101 and/or PHYS 201 courses. Students enrolled in regionally accredited institutions can plan their future at LMU by adhering to the information contained in transfer agreements and by adhering to our transfer requirements and timelines. Students or schools with questions should contact the Office of Transfer Admission and Enrollment Services at 310.338.5913 or transfer@lmu.edu. LMU participates in the College Board`s Advanced Placement Program.

At the time of entry to the university, students can receive a credit for the subjects in which they have completed the AP exams with a minimum score of 4. When official grades have been received by the College Board, applicants are informed of the advanced ranking and course credit according to the following table. . . .