Tcga Data Use Certification Agreement

  • April 12, 2021
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Access to TCGA and TARGET data is governed by guidelines established by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP). Any user wishing to access TCGA or TARGET Controlled Data must apply for a dbGaP authorization supervised by a NIH Data Access Committee (DAC). Access is granted if the requirement complies with NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy specifications and all program-specific requirements or procedures for a specific dataset. In particular, any use of controlled data must comply with the restrictions on the use of data set out on the dbGaP website for this dataset and the use (s) expressed by the receiving institution in its dbGaP application. Exchange of data from large-scale biological research projects Principles for the exchange and publication of genomic data to maximize the public benefits developed at a meeting sponsored by the Wellcome Trust in Fort Lauderdale. These Fort Lauderdale principles informed the original TCGA publication guidelines, which compensate for the immediate availability of genomic data for research and protection of the original publication rights of the original owner. January 2003 Access to ICGC data is governed by guidelines established by the ICGC Data Access Compliance Office (DACO). Any user wishing to access ICGC Controlled Data must apply for a DACO authorization controlled by the International Data Access Committee (IDAC). Access is granted if the application is consistent with ICGC`s objectives and guidelines on issues such as the purpose and relevance of the research and the protection of participants and their data. By using TCGA data (including open and controlled data) on the GSC, users implicitly agree to comply with the TCGA Responsible Use Policy and publication guidelines. All users and their institutions seeking access and use of TCGA Controlled Data must also recognize their consent to the TCGA policies and procedures outlined in the certification of data usage related to their dbGaP application.

Note that to access TCGA Controlled Data on the GSC, you must register with eRA Commons or NIH cit login information that has the appropriate access rights via dbGaP. If you don`t connect with eRA Commons or NIH-Cit login information, you only have access to TCGA Open Data. While all GSC data is removed from direct identifiers, genomic information is inherently unique to a person. Two types of data access levels have been put in place to compensate for the desire to make the data available as much as possible, while ensuring that the rights of study participants are well protected. This way, you can access the DEDICATED TCGA work areas on Terra and use them. All users who access controlled access data are linked to the dbGaP TCGA DATA CERTIFICATION AGREEMENT (DUCA). In addition, users must comply with Terra`s terms of use. Your GSC account is now linked to your platform account with your TCGA access data, as shown below. You can also see the datasets at your disposal on this screen.

Primary sequencing data (BAM and FASTQ files) from DNA, RNA, miRNA or bisulfite sequencing studies If you are a PI, you will see the title and project number of your access request.