Amptp Return To Work Agreement

  • April 7, 2021
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“The guiding principles include strictly enforced safety schemes and protocols, an area-based system and careful use of personal protective equipment,” the unions say. “The new measures will be implemented by employers to minimize the risk of transmission. To ensure that workers` livelihoods during the pandemic are not subject to additional uncertainty, the agreement also covers COVID 19 sick leave and quarantine benefits. Among the most important strengths are mandatory test schemes in which each occupation and crew member is tested before the first business day to ensure that they are not actively infected with the new coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. Interpreters and crew members in the production environment are then subjected to a regular test report during their production work. · Each occupation member and crew are tested before the first business day to ensure that they are not actively infected with the new coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. Carol Lombardini, President of AMPTP, added: “The health and safety of those working in the film and television industry is and remains our top priority. To ensure that employers can offer safe and healthy jobs, the industry – including representatives from Amazon, Apple, CBS, Disney, HBO Max, NBC Universal, Netflix, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros. – conducted four months of thoughtful dialogue and meaningful negotiations with the inter-union bargaining committee. We are pleased to announce that this process has resulted today in a scientific agreement between employers and the trade union committee on the return to work for use in the coronavirus era. Steve Dayan, President of the Hollywood Union of Basic Trades and Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 399: “These joint discussions with our sister branches and unions on developing return-to-work protocols with AMPTP were truly historic. Together, we carefully examined the role of each crew member involved in the production and fought to protect every craft and classification system as if they were our own members. We 4 shared not only a common goal of occupational health and safety, but also the maintenance of all jobs in our sector in this new world COVID-19. On behalf of Basic Crafts and all the local teamsters from the 13 Western countries, we are grateful for this joint effort and for the solidarity shown throughout the process.

After six months of reflection on the devastating effects of COVID-19 on our members, we are ready to help them return to their jobs safely and we will continue to work at every moment for their health and safety. Thomas Schlamme, President of the DGA, said: “In these difficult times, it was essential for all of us to safely bring back and return to tell stories. To meet the challenges of our unique work, we have developed with our friends at SAG- AFTRA, IATSE and the Teamsters a comprehensive set of standards that allow us to resume production while minimizing the risk we, our families and our communities face during this pandemic. It has been a long and complicated journey, and none of this would have been possible without the cooperation and solidarity of our sister guilds and our unions. “SAG-AFTRA members, along with their colleagues from other entertainment unions, are trying to get back to work, but safety must be a top priority,” said AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. This agreement establishes reasonable, scientifically sound protocols that allow members to return to the work they love while handling the risks. I thank our sister unions who worked together during this long crisis, as well as the studios for their collaboration on this important issue. All other people in the production environment will use physical means of loss and PPE at any time.