Agreement For Market Research

  • April 7, 2021
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The proponent acknowledges that the results of a project carried out by the recipient may be published and agrees that researchers from the recipient participating in the project are allowed to participate in symposiums, national or regional technical meetings and to publish in journals or other means methods and results of such a project, provided, however, that copies of a proposed publication or presentation have been submitted to the proponent at least one month before the presentation of such a proposal. Publication or presentation to a newspaper, publisher or other third party. The promoter has one month from receipt of these copies to object to such a proposed presentation or publication, as there is a patentable object that must be protected or that confidential information protected by the promoter is included in that publication or presentation. In the event that velvet oratoses are the case, the researcher or researchers refrain from making this publication or presentation for up to four months from the date of receipt of such an objection, in order to allow the recipient to file patent applications for the patentable object contained in the proposed publication or submission. It goes without saying that the sponsor wishes to be credited in the publication or published with the recipient, depending on whether it is appropriate. This publication must not contain confidential information from the promoter or the results of a project received by the promoter, with the exception of the recipient. 8.3 In the event of the sponsor acquiring an exclusive license or right under paragraph 8.2 of this article, the recipient reserves the right to continue to use the recipient`s intellectual property and common intellectual property for research purposes. Field: IE Market Research Corp. IE Market Research Corp. will do its best to meet customer needs in a timely and efficient manner. The assignment is limited to the work outlined in the IE Market Research Corp. proposal.

Extensions of the scope of the assignment require the agreement of the client and IE Market Research Corp. If the client requires additional work, a reasonable additional fee must be paid by the client to IE Market Research Corp. Consulting work may experience unforeseen delays and depends to some extent on factors beyond the control of IE Market Research Corp. If IE Market Research Corp. is prevented from doing so for reasons outside its control area, it will be entitled to a reasonable period of time for the work to be carried out.